• Heats up to 2,600 ltrs/minute with a 47 °C differential
  • Our 38 Million BTU diesel fired heater is made up of two nineteen million BTU heater cores which strategic core placement allows for maximum thermal efficiency.10,220 ltr Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • The unit provides a dry prime pump, which enables water to be drawn from large ponds up to 25 feet in depth, in order to charge the 6x5 centrifugal pump that supplies the heater.

38 MBTU Diesel Fired Dragon Heater

An advantage we have over most other units on the market is our digital controls with programmable water temperature and burner fire rates as well as programmable delays when the desired temperature is reached.  It will automatically kick down to low fire for tank connection to be switched and firing sequence will not have to be restarted.  This unit is also equipped with multi port suction and discharges for larger volumes and multi tank applications.