• The unit is able to heat 1800 LPM at a 40 °C differential.
  • Our equipment provides a safe work environment that has dual low-pressure shutdowns, and a high temperature shutdown to prevent overheating in case of loss of flow through the heater tubes.
  • The unit provides a dry prime pump, which enables water to be drawn from large ponds up to 25 feet in depth, in order to charge the 4x3 centrifugal pump that supplies the heater.
  • Also provided with suction and discharge manifolds that enable multiple connections for multiple tanks, for seamless tank-to-tank transfers without having to shut down---this means more heating and less down time.
  • Capable of hooking up to natural gas.

35 MBTU Propane Fired Heater

Our 35 Million BTU propane fired water heater is one of the largest propane gas burner manufactured in North America. The unit is able to heat 1800 LPM at a 40 °C differential. In doing this large volume water heating, it eliminates overheating in extreme winter conditions to compensate for heat loss. It’s also equipped with electronic temperature gauges to ensure accuracy and prevent unnecessary heating of the customer’s fluid.